Open now! In response to COVID-19, our mission is to ensure that the health and safety of all staff and customers are of utmost priority. Please refer to our Health & Safety Policy for a complete list of guidelines and protocols for your visit.

Venue Tours


Max Group Size: 12

Cost: $15 per person

Length: Approximately 1 Hour

One hour of game time included

Appropriate For All Ages

Private Bookings Available

Health & Safety Policy

Private Tours Available

Click here to book a private tour

Please Reach Out at Least 10 Days in Advance

Esports Stadium Arlington is excited to now offer venue tours! Join us as we take you through the largest dedicated esports facility in North America, overview the history of esports, and relive some of the biggest moments at Esports Stadium!

Esports Stadium Arlington isn’t just a space for tournaments; it’s also a practice facility, a community hub, and a gaming center. On our tours, we’ll show you how all of these pieces come together to make up the largest esports facility in North America.

Our tours will all adhere to state and local guidelines for health and safety, to ensure all patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience. Masks will be provided to tour attendees, and all staff will wear masks throughout the tours. Surfaces will be sanitized after each use, and hand washing stations are available throughout the facility.

Tour times will be made available for booking on our website 3 weeks prior. Booking should be completed online by the Friday before the tour.